Education is the only tool to empower each and every children in today's world. Ambrs Educare is committed to providing quality education with a difference to its students so as to make them think differently and to make them achieve their dreams.

Ambrs Educare is a team of experts from various fields of education having acommon vision. The team has philosophers, teachers, mentors, psychologists, administrators, counsellors etc to look after your young ones with care and love.

At Ambrs Educare, we plan to make our kids global children so as to make them ready to compete globally and to excel in international curriculum and activities. Various programs are being planned which can improve the soft skills, problem solving ability, memory power

Ambrs Educare is a modern educational method crafted for today's children. Identifying and focussing the area to be improved for each student is of utmost important to us. Spreading the goodness of Indian Gurukulam style of teaching with ...

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